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Get your WIndows 10 while you can...

If no one has told you yet, if you are running Windows 7 or 8, your chance to upgrade to Windows 10 for free is nearly over, and will cost you the traditional Microsoft amount if you pass on this chance.

That's right - After July 29th, 2016, one year from 10's release, the free upgrade program is ending. 

If you haven't upgraded yet, I urge/highly recommend that you at least back your data up and let it install, get it activated, and if you don't want it yet, revert back to your previous OS JUST so you CAN use your key down the road for a Windows 10 install.  I have done several for business and personal, and while business ones I backup (and some of the household systems), I haven't had a problem yet with the install, NOR the revert back that I've done on some of them as well...  As I say, you may not want it now, but later, it's going to cost you $99-$199+ for something you 'could' have had for free.  Once your existing Win7/8 key is activated as a 10 key, it's always good as a 10 key.

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